Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan

December 26, 2017

We have come together as the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan in order to realise both democratic politics based on constitutionalism, and a society that respects diversity, stands with those in need, and where people mutually support one another.

We will realise politics from the bottom up – a politics which does not force any one particular value, but instead connects with all citizens, and is based upon the voices from their everyday lives and places of work.

We aim to realise a free society and economy based on fair and equitable rules, where each and every person's characteristics can be maximised and all can experience happiness.

1. Protect constitutionalism and practice democracy from the grassroots

We will protect constitutionalism, and based upon recognition of the emperor as the symbol of the state, maintain the respect for the sovereignty of the people, respect for fundamental human rights, and pacifism upheld in the Constitution of Japan. From the stance of seeking to deepen constitutionalism, we will pursue debate regarding the constitution.

We will practice a mature democracy based upon voices from the grassroots, and regain trust in politics. Through appropriate management of public records and thorough disclosure of information, we will realise fair and transparent politics.

We will remain separate from vested interests and collusion, and through conducting ourselves in a disciplined manner, will establish a fair and equitable social system. We will thoroughly evaluate the usage of taxes from the perspective of the taxpayers, and enforce policies which are truly necessary and of a high priority.

2. Fulfill responsibility to the future, and create a vibrant, inclusive society

We will create a society where all can coexist together - where each and every individual is respected as invaluable, where diversity is respected and mutually supported, and where all will belong.

We will resolutely fight against all forms of discrimination. In order to establish gender equality where all can realise their full qualities and capacities no matter their sex, we will promote a society free from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

For the sake of future generations, we will support whole-of-society involvement in raising children.

We will engage with global environmental issues including climate change, establishing new lifestyles and realising a sustainable society.

We will realise a vibrant society which values the autonomy of diverse actors, and where people live in mutual coordination. We will aim for real local governance, making possible autonomy through regional responsibility, originality and ingenuity.

We will proceed with a concrete process in order to realise zero nuclear power plants as soon as possible, while achieving reconstruction following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.

3. Realising an economy for the people, through fair distribution

We believe that the objective of economic growth is to bring happiness to each and every person, and that stable growth cannot be achieved without fair distribution.

We aim for a market-economy based society, where excessive self-responsibility is not forced onto anyone, and where all can live in safety and security. We will realise an economy where people can have hope for the future.

By investing in people, through establishing a sustainable social welfare system and guaranteeing opportunities for lifelong-learning, we will redress disparities which prevent people from fulfilling their true capacity, and realise an economy where the power of each and every person can truly be exerted, and all can experience happiness.

4. Protect the country, and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the international community

We will hold the lessons of history close to heart, sustain the international cooperation and exclusively defensive security policies that are the basic stance of Japan's diplomacy and security, and promote realistic policies. Centred on a healthy Japan-US alliance, we will realise co-existence with the world, including the Asia Pacific region and particularly neighbouring countries.

We will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the international community, founded on the structures of multilateral cooperation including the United Nations. We will promote nuclear weapons elimination, humanitarian aid, economic cooperation and cultural exchange. As well as realising human security, we will pursue the national interest to be enjoyed not only by our own country, but together with other countries also.